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Board Portals For Nonprofits

It is crucial for nonprofits to have board portals that support their productivity, without compromises on security. Since boards for nonprofit organizations are usually staffed by volunteers, the ability to tasks quickly and efficiently is crucial to their success. The right tools allow them to make better decisions and stay focused on the goals they are advocating.

A non-profit board portal can help to save time for boards by allowing them to easily organize meetings and documents online. Board members have access to the information they require to fulfill their governance duties even from far-flung locations. It’s also easy for them to note notes on important documents and use esignature technology to make faster decisions. Additionally an organization’s board can store their documents in a platform that provides limitless cloud storage for documents, so they do not have to worry about their documents being lost or being compromised.

Another essential feature a nonprofit should look for in a reputable board portal is 24/7 customer service. A majority of top-rated companies provide live chat that allows you to ask questions and get your concerns addressed instantly. Certain providers offer zero-queue rate, so you can get assistance right away.

In addition, a non-profit should also consider using a board management software that is able to be used on any device that has an internet connection. This allows everyone to participate in the meeting, regardless of their time or location. This will also lower the chance of cyberattacks since hackers are known to target organizations with a large amount of sensitive documents. It is also recommended that non-profit organizations select a plan that has two-factor authentication and other security measures in order to safeguard their personal information.


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