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How to Evaluate Board Member Software

The management of board governance is a difficult work. Board members spend much of their time preparation for meetings and book preparation. Their administrative staff members spend a large amount of time scheduling meetings, building agendas, registering votes, and taking minutes.

A top-rated board portal software makes the process easier for everyone. Board administrators can design the meeting schedule that is synchronized to the calendar of every member, and then create agendas easily. The board portal can also be used for document management and approval. During meetings, the board members can quickly navigate and review documents with any electronic device. After the meeting a board member may take minutes and edit them and assign tasks to a person or add them.

Directors can look over a range of important reports during a board meeting. These include committee reports such as factsheets, financial statements and reports on human resources as well as legal reports and more. When evaluating a website for the board of directors, make sure that it provides file sharing capability to share these reports prior to the meeting with the rest of the board.

Portal providers for Board of Directors must provide superior customer support in addition to being easy to use. It is a good idea to ask for references from other organizations which have successfully implemented the solution. You can also test the support system by asking how quickly questions were answered and problems solved. To ensure that the board portal is compatible with your current and existing processes, you should consider running a board process using both your current system and your new solution in parallel.


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