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How to Prepare for a Corporate Board Seat Interview

You’ve been working hard for an interview for a corporate board. You’ve done everything you can to be successful – you’ve made connections to build your profile, written your elevator speech you’ve informed your professional network about your desire to join the board service and applied. You should feel proud that you’ve achieved this milestone in your board journey. The interview is only one of the many steps you will need to take in your quest to get a board seat.

The interview is a chance for the company to assess the value you can bring to their organization and assist them reach their strategic goals. During the interview the company will ask you questions about your work experience and background to determine your leadership abilities. They may also discuss the culture of their board and how you will integrate with the existing board members.

You should be prepared for your interview by understanding what your unique value proposition is (BVP). You need to know what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants and how it can add value to the interview. This BVP is what you should keep in mind during the interview. It is also important to be informed with any conflicts of interest you might have that would prevent you from becoming a board member for the company. This will enable you to address these issues in a professional manner with the interviewers.


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