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Mergers Acquisitions Blog

Mergers Acquisitions Blog

While mergers and acquisitions (M&A) may seem like buzzwords for corporate, they can have significant impact on a company’s growth strategy, survival, and even its success. M&As can be pursued for either strategic or financial reasons and come in many forms. For example, a business might want to expand into new markets, acquire expertise and intellectual property, or enter the healthcare industry. In other scenarios, a firm may have the need to replace retiring Baby Boomers with more experienced and talented team members.

The majority of private M&A deals are designed as an acquisition of assets, not shares. The principal agreement governing such deals is often called a Stock Purchase Agreement, Securities Purchase Agreement or SPA. This article focuses click to read on some of the major characteristics of these agreements.

The ability to gain a thorough understanding of M&As is vital for any business leader who wishes to expand their business through acquisitions. Explore our Leading with Finance Portfolio to build your tools and make better financial decisions. The sooner you begin to consider the financial implications of M&A, the better equipped you will be to avoid common pitfalls. M&As are a time-consuming, complicated and can be difficult to implement. But with the proper planning and preparation an effective M&A can bring tremendous value for your business.

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