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The Disadvantages of Free VPN

A VPN is a way to transfer your data over an unconnected server, keeping your data from the eye of the law and hackers. It also makes it harder for websites and apps to track you — which is a positive thing. It can be difficult to find a trustworthy free vpn. Many of them monetize their services in one way or another, which could result in privacy issues. Hola for instance, was found to be sharing its users browsing history with ad networks. This is not an isolated incident.

Free VPNs usually offer limited bandwidths, as they attempt to cut down on infrastructure costs. This results in overcrowded servers and slow speeds. In addition, most of them offer only the servers of a few, which can make it difficult to unblock content from specific countries.

Some of these services are not secured properly, which makes it easier for hackers to access your data. They may also be blacklisted by websites which is a big issue.

Free VPNs typically offer a limited customer support and can pose an issue should you run into any issues. Premium VPNs, on the other hand generally offer a 24 hour live chat and a comprehensive FAQ my latest blog post page.

In light of the drawbacks of free VPN and the disadvantages of paid VPN, it’s worth the cost of a paid VPN service in order to protect your data. If you’re looking to stream movies or play online games, or simply browse the internet without being tracked, premium VPNs will provide the best protection with the fastest speeds.

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