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Using an Online Data Room for Mergers and Acquisitions

Virtual data rooms, or VDRs, simplify collaboration reduce costs, and speed up due diligence and negotiation in strategic transactions. By providing stakeholders with digital access to all documents involved in M&A due diligence and post-merger integration, online data rooms enable companies to manage more deals at once within a shorter time.

Most often, VDRs are used to facilitate the completion of a financial transaction. For instance, a venture capital firm will need to review all the corporate documentation and contracts of a start-up prior to closing an investment deal. This process of conducting due diligence demands efficient and secure storage space and a platform that permits sharing of these documents.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are another example of a need for reliable document storage and shared document management. In the life sciences sector companies frequently merge, partner, and raise funds, which requires an abundance of document exchange and protection of intellectual property.

Using an online data room for fundraising eliminates the hassle of physically sharing hard copies. It also ensures that sensitive information is not vulnerable to hackers and other unwanted third parties. A VC can also keep track of how many times the document has been viewed and the length of time. This lets him or her review the process to make better decisions regarding future investments. Digify adds dynamic watersmarks to documents that display the recipients’ email addresses and IP addresses. This discourages unauthorized usage while increasing the ability to trace.

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