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Avast VPN Review

Avast VPN offers a decent mobile experience, but it’s basic in comparison to other leading providers. Its iOS application requires an account, which is available through Apple’s App Store. The PC and Mac client offers a trial version for free that doesn’t require any payment information. If you decide to purchase, it comes with a 30-day money-back assurance.

The apps are sleek and easy to use. It only takes one tap to connect to a website server, and to change locations you can select a location on the home screen. The apps are limited in their range of options for settings and advanced options however novice avast internet security review users are likely to appreciate this simplicity. It’s an added bonus that they are nearly identical across all devices.

In the past few months, Avast has been improving its VPN services. The apps are now more user-friendly, the company added a robust, 24/7 customer support system, and has simplified its three-tier pricing structure. It also made significant technological improvements, such as adding its Mimic protocol and introducing speedier connection times.

Avast SecureLine offers a reliable VPN to use on a daily basis for a reasonable price. Its features include a kill switch which blocks data from being transferred if the connection fails. It can also support multiple protocols like OpenVPN on TCP and UDP, IKEv2 on IPsec for MacOS and IPSec on SSL/TLS for Android. It comes with a 256-bit AES encrypted connection, and it can support up to 10 devices at one time.

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