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Men yellow deer (stags) can be extreme because step one

Men yellow deer (stags) can be extreme because step one

4m and you will weighing ranging from ninety-190kg and females (hinds) consider between 63-120kg and you will endure 1.20m tall. Their fur is reddy-brownish when you look at the along with no models otherwise recognizing when grownups, just a soft rump patch.

New stag’s antlers is epic; he or she is branched (having around three main twigs) and commence to grow in the springtime. From the August/September day, he or she is fully grown with no velvet in it.


Like any deer, Purple deer is actually active on the 24-hr several months, but most craft takes place during the start and you may dusk (particularly in way more open section). Purple deer you to definitely reside in forests are more single, as opposed to those included in far more unlock surroundings one to means far big unmarried sex organizations (beyond your breeding seasons).