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How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

It’s a daunting task to organize the board meeting. You must balance the need to keep your team engaged in a focused, informed, and enlightened manner while also creating a fun atmosphere that encourages collaboration open communication. If you’re running a Board meeting in person or remotely from multiple locations, you can utilize the best practices to ensure that your meetings are more productive and enjoyable.

Get Sidetracked

New discussions that arise during your meeting might take valuable time away from your team members and make them lose attention to the main agenda items. It is crucial to give these new topics the attention they deserve, but not lose sight of the goal of making progress towards your organization’s goals. One way to do this is by including a “parking lot” in your agenda, so that how to host a board meeting you can table non-urgent discussions for later consideration.

A Clear Sequence

A well-organized board meeting will have a clearly defined structure. This includes the call for orders and the review of the boardbook and the explanation of procedures along with the list of action items for the next few days as well as the discussion of past and current business, and the adjournment. This will help you focus on the most important issues and keep the meeting on track.

Making sure your meetings are focused isn’t always simple, especially when a topic sparks spirited debate. A lively discussion can be beneficial if you can to resolve the issue and then move on to your agenda. Do not rehash previous discussions at your meeting, as it’s a waste of time.

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