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How to Keep Data Secure

Data theft is a major concern for companies. Information stolen could be used to perpetrate identity fraud, government or corporate spying and even ransomware.

With big names like Uber and Tik Tok suffering from massive data breaches and the need to keep the security of consumer data is at an all-time high. In a world where consumers expect to provide their personal information when establishing accounts, purchasing products online, or filling out tax documents, companies need to ensure that the information they provide is safe from cybercriminals.

Businesses can take a range of steps to ensure security of their data, from encryption of information to creating a plan for incident response. These strategies can be implemented across the organization and reduce the chance of data theft.

1. Develop and implement strict security standards.

It is essential that each employee is aware of the importance protecting confidential company data. This includes creating strong password policies and upgrading all software to the latest version. Many hacking attacks are built on outdated systems, so regular updates to your software is a quick way to prevent the exploit of these vulnerabilities.

2. Secure your data both in use and in rest.

Encryption is a powerful tool in the fight against data breaches. All businesses should adopt policies that require encryption of all data, both while in transit and at rest. This can be achieved by encrypting all data on the network or using encrypted tunnels such as VPNs.

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