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Salary: Front End Javascript Developer February, 2023

Software systems developers earn the most money on average in California, where the annual mean salary is $131,700, which is over $15,000 greater than the U.S. average. No. 2 Nevada, however, experienced much more significant growth in wages over the years compared to California. From 2013 to 2018, California software systems developer salaries grew by an average of 2% per year. In Nevada, the average annual growth is 8.8% per year, from just $86,320 in 2013 to $126,790 in 2018. In Canada, a senior front-end developer with over 10 years of experience makes on average $62K a year.

To remain competitive, job-seekers should consider specialization or skill-specific programs such as coding boot-camps or certifications. Similar to the salary for entry-level HTML developers, mid-level programmers are paid based on their proficiency with HTML. However, mid-level programmers have approximately 3-5 years of experience, which means they need less supervision and can handle more complex operations.

Average Javascript developer salary in the USA

Additional pay could include cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing. The “Most Likely Range” represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role. Israel takes third place among best-paid countries for JavaScript developers specializing in React, Angular, or Vue.js frameworks.

Full-stack developer salaries by industry

We’ll also look at whether JavaScript developers are currently in high demand. If you’re keen to get straight to the money, just use the clickable menu below to skip ahead. These charts show the average base salary , as well as the average total cash compensation for the job of JavaScript Developer in the United States. The base salary for JavaScript Developer ranges from $97,858 to $120,182 with the average base salary of $108,342.

Average Javascript developer salary in the USA

Software developers develop computer applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers or other devices. They may also develop or customize existing systems that run devices or control networks. A bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, information technology, or other relevant majors is often required. A tech professional with 10+ years of experience in creating graphical user interfaces of web applications can earn up to $57K, according to Glassdoor. An entry-level specialist can earn $77K, a middle engineer makes around $105K, while a senior expert with 10+ years of experience will get $129K per year. Poland is not only the mostprominent tech hubin the CEE region but also one the best places to hire front-end developers.

States Where Software Developers Earn the Most Money

Take, for instance, this recent snapshot of salary ranges from the job site Neuvoo for ReactJS developers in the US. From low to high skill levels, salary levels can vary by as much as 100%. There are some different titles for Junior Javascript Developer jobs, and the job title of Junior Javascript Developer will vary in different companies. The job title has a lot to do with the department and responsibilities, and the same job title will vary in different departments. The following list is the salary of jobs similar to Junior Javascript Developer, start to view Junior Javascript Developer-related jobs you are interested in. Junior Javascript Developer salaries in the United States will pay differently by cities.

  • Narrow it down to your location and the kind of role, and they will show you the average salary for programmers in your chosen industry.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , from 2016 to 2026, the employment of software developers is projected to increase 24%, adding 302,500 jobs, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Programmers with a bachelor’s degree can command a higher salary than a self-taught talent, especially at the beginning of their career.
  • Salaries for entry-level HTML developers can also be less than half this amount if your hire in a lower-cost county like Ukraine.
  • Works collaboratively with the marketing team project lead on the implementation of web marketing plans which support GCU’s total marketing strategy.
  • Engineering offers ample opportunity for growth and development with transferable skills across an array of fields from software, supply chain and logistics to aerospace.
  • An entry-level HTML developer salary scale at $100,000 +, as living expenses could be double what they might be in a smaller city, like Charlotte, North Carolina.

These include communication, teamwork, leadership qualities, and the like. First of all, your skills and qualification determine how valuable you are as an employee. Developers with interesting portfolios and pet-projects are more likely to get paid more. Specialists are paid $3,800 per month on average, meaning that the yearly income eastern europe software engineer salary is even higher. Some of the top positions are provided by companies like EPAM, Soshace, Tinkoff Credit Systems Banks, and others. As you can see, there is even more disparity in salary across the continent than in North America, which should come as no surprise considering the number of countries and respective costs of living.

Full-stack developer salaries by city

Wonder develop contains information about Web development, Web languages, and Web designing. Based on 2,228 responses, the job of Software https://globalcloudteam.com/ Developer has received a job satisfaction rating of 3.77 out of 5. On average, Software Developers are highly satisfied with their job.

In very simplistic terms, it is a programming language used to add interactivity to a webpage. Learn online, not alone Our career-change programs are designed to take you from beginner to pro in your tech career—with personalized support every step of the way. Squarespace is looking for experienced JavaScript engineers with strong design sensibilities and a desire to create interfaces that are a pleasure to use. Our clients have the option of choosing the engagement model which best suits their requirements, including team extension, dedicated teams, pod teams, and remote development centers. Grid Dynamics has offices throughout Eastern Europe and Central Europe and Latin America, meaning that we have the resources to cater to the needs of companies of any size, no matter where they are located.

How Much Will I Earn as a JavaScript Developer? The Ultimate 2023 Salary Guide

The total cash compensation, which includes base, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $101,313 to $125,082 with the average total cash compensation of $112,783. Engineering jobs are in high demand with workers receiving generous compensation packages and bonuses. Engineering offers ample opportunity for growth and development with transferable skills across an array of fields from software, supply chain and logistics to aerospace.

There are many different routes you can take within web development, and your earning potential depends on a variety of factors. If you’re considering a career in web development, you’ve no doubt got lots of questions about the field. Review the job openings and experience requirements for the JavaScript Developer job to confirm that it is the job you are seeking.

It extends the HTML code into the application and interprets the attributes to perform data binding. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Khan Academy, Codecademy, Dropbox, Atlassian, Airbnb, and many other tech giants use React.js for web development. Alongside user interface expertise, front-end web developers are usually expected to have solid expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. New Jersey and Connecticut come next with the average Javascript salary of $114K and $109, while California follows with $108K per year.

Average Javascript developer salary in the USA

React.js developer salary in Israel is $71,677, with Angular developer salary of $87,246. The estimated total pay for a Javascript Developer is $95,982 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $83,872 per year. Aggregated data from PayScale, SalaryExpert, and Glassdoor shows that a junior front-end developer’s salary in Finland ranges between $39K and $44K annually. A middle front-end specialist with 4–9 years of experience makes on average about $54K a year, while an expert further along in their career can earn between $57K and $78K annually.

Glassdoor Economist Pay Overview

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript library created in 2014 by Evan You. Vue.js has excellent documentation with minimal barriers to entry, which ensures faster loading time. Google operates this framework to implement the development of a Single Page Application .

Gender Breakdown for Software Developers

Mid-level engineers make around $33K annually, while senior-level professionals earn $49K. According to PayScale, the front-end developer salary of a junior engineer in Los Angeles is $77K, while in Chicago it is $71K a year. When it comes to senior developers Chicago tech companies take the lead, offering $125K a year, while in LA the same job pays only $114K.

Right now, it’s safe to say full-stack developers are sitting pretty in the job market. Get a personal salary report to know your salary based on location, education, experience, and other influence factors. A junior React developer resume format plays a vital role for the job seekers in getting hired for an attractive salary. CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech.

Learn with CareerFoundry

With our deep base of ReactJS talent, all stationed here in Ukraine, we can help you meet your business goals for less. Procoders is located in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv – an economic center well known for its concentration of high-tech schools. And pro-coders build on a ready pool of talent by offering extensive mentoring and on-the-job training, so our people are well-versed in as many programming languages, libraries, and frameworks as possible. Demand for ReactJS developers is strong, and that has driven steady growth in ReactJS salaries around the world. In fact, Robert Half reported in 2017 that ReactJS jobs salary will increase by 6.2%, year over year through 2025.

To be considered “senior”, a developer must have at least five years of experience, and the ability to not jsut work independently, but to strategically plan site architecture and user experience from the ground up. Explore the possibility to hire a dedicated R&D team that helps your company to scale product development. For instance, in the UK, developers are paid on average $56,000 per year, while in Germany the amount is $90,000 per year. These days, it can be hard to know what to rely on in terms of future prospects.

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